Mike Edel

When a video on your YouTube channel has only 216 views, features a van with Washington plates named “Hop,” but your wife points out where storage is for your toques, you might immediately consider this a potential artist for The Other Side. Introducing Mike Edel.

While the Washington plates may throw you a bit, the toques reference definitely flags Mike, and his wife Alissa, as Canadians. While he was born in Alberta, Mike moved to Victoria BC (close to Washington for those of you that are geographically challenged). He creates some pretty down-home Facebook posts (followed by a whole 322 people) and Youtube videos, consisting of travel videos and photos of he and Alissa as they prepare for arrival of their first child later this summer. Some of those social media posts hint at them moving to Bellingham, Washington (so maybe those plates aren’t that mysterious anymore).

Musically, Mike matches his social media persona: calm and down to earth. While his material isn’t always pure acoustic (well, there’s that Coldplay cover on YouTube), he won’t be knocking you over with other covers and original material from his two EPs and four studio albums. While Wikipedia describes him as a “folk musician and guitarist,” his latest album is well produced (by members of The National, Arcade Fire, and The Head and the Heart) with tracks that exude enough pop feel to stick in your head. Listen to tracks from En Masse now rotating on The Other Side.

PostScript: As of this writing, Mike is beginning recovery after having recently suffered a stroke. You may follow his progress on his Facebook page.