How To Listen

If you’re on a computer, you can use the pop-up player that’s available from the Listen Now! button in the menu. This player should work fine on most phones and tablets, too.

Depending on whether you’re on a computer or phone, or your particular environment, you may prefer another media player. Click the following, depending on whether you prefer the secure (SSL) or non-secure stream.
Secure (SSL) Stream
Non-secure Stream

If the preceding links just open in a web browser and you’d prefer a media player, or you’re using an older media player that prefers an M3U format playlist, try these links:
Secure (SSL) Stream (.m3u format)
Non-secure Stream (.m3u format)

Many media players, streaming boxes, and music apps have a “open stream” or “play stream” option available. Find this option on your respective app or device and just try pasting in either of these URLS:

Note: All these streams are 256K AAC format.

Low-Speed Option

If the regular pop-up player gets a wee bit dodgy (starting/stopping, audio drop-outs), try the Low Speed Pop-Up Player.

If push comes to shove and you just can get us to play in your desired player, shoot George an e-mail. He’ll put his… uh… best man on it.