Gerry Cinnamon

If your real name is Gerald Crosbie, you might consider a stage name if you’re looking to make it in the music business. Enter Gerry Cinnamon (his stylized last name coming from the name of a previous band he lead). The guitarist/singer-songwriter hails from Glasgow, which becomes pretty evident when you listen closely to his vocal style. His popularity primarily rests across the pond, with reviews and concert notes referring to admission prices in “quid.” Many of his reviews also include typical four-letter words you’ll frequently hear in his lyrics.

His second full-length album, The Bonny, was released in April. We’re listening to all the tracks. But, for now, you can hear Where We’re Going from The Other Side’s New Music category. Depending on your point of view, online radio is good or bad when this track plays — get ready for some “colorful” lyrics that terrestrial stations have to bleep to avoid FCC fines.